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Fanfic recs for 'The Charioteer', batch 1

One of my favorite people asked me for 'Charioteer' fic recs a couple of days ago. These are the first fics that came to mind, in alphabetical order (more or less). I'll probably do another batch later on. My apologies in advance: I'm not much of a writer and I suspect these recs don't do the fics justice.

*** An Unexpected Visit by trueriver (Laurie & Reg friendship, Laurie/Ralph, rated "adult" by author, I'd say PG-13 tops) - Laurie has an unexpected visitor. // Where do I even start? Laurie and Reg are spot on, the awkwardness and embarrassment and friendship despite everything. And Ralph! Ralph and Reg, and Ralph and Laurie... The characterizations are subtle and perfect. It should be read carefully for the little details and what hides between the lines, much like Renault's own work. Oh the love. I could be biased as it was written for me, but I don't think so :)

*** Besieged Fortress by ajhalluk (Ralph/Laurie, PG-13, estimated length 20,000-30,000 words) - "Seven years on, Ralph and Laurie have found a precarious refuge together in Gibraltar. But in the post-War world attitudes are hardening and positions becoming polarised, and they find themselves engaged in a new conflict, one in which they may not necessarily be on the same side. And then an unexpected visitor arrives - " // This fic is fascinating to me, because the author succeeded in creating a setting, a world that is full, believable, radically different than Renault's WWII Britain yet inextricably tied to it. Similarly, her Ralph and Laurie are not merely replicas of Renault's characters, but are very convincing as their future selves in this new world, in these new circumstances. They confront the events in their personal history that define them and their relationship and grow as a result. Angst, love, psychological insights, danger, politics... Adding some humor to the mix, there is an original character that is both realistic and utterly ridiculous (you'll understand when you read). Ralph and Laurie's reactions to this character are perfect and priceless (Ralph's deadpan humor, no bullshit attitude and seething rage, Laurie's mortification, horror and annoyance). The prose is superb and Renault-like in style. Additionally- and I don't want to spoil too much- you should watch out for appearances by some other characters from The Charioteer...

*** Reunion with Reg by mysid (gen with implied Ralph/Laurie, PG, 3,333 words). // This is going to sound weird, but the friendship between Laurie and Reg is perhaps my fave relationship in the book. Yeah, I know, Ralph/Laurie OTP4evah and all that, but there is something so real and so man-like about the way Laurie and Reg are together. The circumstances of their friendship, their bond, I guess. They're so different: class, sexuality, character, everything. But I just love their scenes together in the book. This fic attempts to give them some sort of resolution, many years after the events depicted in the book. The awkwardness is there, the things they say and the things they don't. Reg and Laurie are love. But not the hot thrusty kind of love. Heh.

*** The Gun by trueriver (The Charioteer, Ralph/Laurie, "adult"/R, 1,491 words) - Laurie finds something he never thought he'd see again. // This was the first Charioteer fanfic I ever read, and so it has a special place in my heart. Ralph and Laurie's mom are excellent, Laurie thinks too much, as usual, and there is even a mention of the gayest boys' adventure book ever written: The Coral Island. PS- There is also porniness. Just saying.

*** Through a Glass, Darkly by maggiehoneybite (The Charioteer, Laurie/Andrew, Ralph/Laurie implied, PG-13, 7,902 words) - "Laurie learns that love isn't always a soft option. Takes place a few weeks after the culminating events of the book." // It could be the epilogue to the book, it's that good. Possibly better. The author makes a microcosmos out of a shelter during an air raid, and every word rings true and *right* somehow. She truly understands the characters and her prose is beautiful: Laurie would talk then, disclosing or concealing details as he chose, and it wouldn't matter either way, because Ralph would look past the signals to the meaning within, like a sailor gauging the weather from the colour of the sky.

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